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One of the largest collectionsof Apple equipment in Europe

About Us

Apple products have always stood out. Both those in which the „conductor” Steve Jobs was involved, as well as those where they were created in the minds of engineers.

The museum has been operating since 2015

However, the collection was created from 2007. The first purchase was a 17-inch iMac G4, and the next one was the PowerMac G4 Cube. Over the years, the collection grew to its present size.

It is a private initiative (one of several in Poland). Apart from computers, it can boast the largest collection of iPods, posters and original Apple accessories. The collection is still being supplemented and expanded.

Photo: Michał Kulesza


Not only the museum. First of all, the goal is to present the groundbreaking solutions that Apple has introduced to the market. The information collected about them ends up as posters which, on the one hand, are to finance the museum and, on the other hand, introduce this technology.


Although the Museum also buys objects from the current offer, it is a predominantly artifacts from 10 years. Virtually each of them requires cleaning, and many cases of repair. There are also rare copies whose state is deplorable.


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