bauhaus 1919

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    • $ 20$ 40

      Immerse your space in minimalist excellence with our unique „Bauhaus 1919” poster, featuring a simple form of geometric rectangles, a distinctive expression of modernity and originality in our store, where each piece is an original work of art, prioritizing quality and uniqueness, making it not just a decoration but an investment in your home’s individuality and fascination with art history.

    • $ 20$ 40

      Immerse your space in modernist ambiance with our unique „Bauhaus 1919” poster, featuring a minimalist design of colorful circles, crafted with passion for design and standing out for its unparalleled quality and originality in our store.

    • $ 20$ 40

      Immerse yourself in the essence of modernism with our unique „Bauhaus 1919” poster, a minimalistic masterpiece inspired by the 1919 Bauhaus movement, offering not just decoration but an original piece of art crafted with passion for design.

    • $ 30$ 40

      Explore the essence of Bauhaus modernity with my unique „Bauhaus 1919” poster, blending minimalist elegance with the distinctive vision of Bauhaus, offering more than just decoration – it’s an investment in aesthetics and originality for your space.. Product design icon printed on the best paper and in the best quality.